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Welcome to 愛するV6!

Irasshaimase! Welcome to 愛するV6! ♥

Aisuru (to love) V6 DEBUT! >.< 
here is where i'll write and express my thoughts, feelings and opinions for V6 & Junichi-kun ♥
ideally, i'll share my thoughts of them, their music, their work, variety shows, magazine scans and things they're up to ^.^ and i'd love to hear from you too! so, feel free to drop by for a visit anytime and share your thoughts and feelings for V6 or anything at all! ;D

As i've just started in LJ, i still have lots to learn and fumble around to improve 愛するV6, therefore, please bear with me,  どうもありがとうございます. ^_^

Share the V6 love, 愛するV6. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.. :)

PS: this LJ is semi-friends,  most entries are open, comments and friends are always welcomed~~ ;D 
I've f-locked mostly scans, for copyright reasons, so they don't get distributed freely.

Drop me a message/comment if you'd like to be friends & if we have common interests; on V6 especially :D 
I'll be more than happy to make friends and add you back ^_^


昨日はあなたの誕生日。。。誕生日おめでとう准君~!! :))
I know I'm kinda late to post, but I've never forgotten at all :)) thought and talked about you all day (even in office :O) on your birthday :) Thank you for being an inspiration, for all the love, for all the joy and for being you. :)
Congratulations on the great success of SP & here I wish you many more great opportunities & happiness come rolling your way! :)) ♥♥♥

PS: Celebrated your big day with strawberry mont blanc :)) at Fruit Paradise Cafe - Tokyo Fruit Tarts~ I miss Tokyo♥ ...will be back there again someday :)


Happy Birthday Go-kun!

誕生日おめでとう剛君~♥!! :))

credits j_linker444 for Ebara CM vid :)


V6 Friending Meme

A cool initiative by rachie241282  to bring more V6 fans together :))

I've always wanted to write what I think of each member, but never really made a good effort to do it, so this meme was a great opportunity ^_^ thanks Rachel-chan for the effort! :D

Here's my post to the meme:

AGE: 21
LOCATION: Current: Singapore, Hometown: Malaysia

FAVORITE MEMBER: Okada Junichi(dai ichiban :P) & Miyake Ken
WHAT'S AWESOME ABOUT V6?: Their humour, spontaneity, commitment,love & passion in all they do :) Their good music, good shows & great showmanship :) & their best show ever - Gakkou e Ikou, that's awesome! :)
Sakamoto: The best leader one can ever have. Firm, yet sociable & caring. Talented & tough :) great V6 papa. I admire him for the many things he's done, and for his bravery to pull through many challenges, esp. his dive into the pool from a very high platform.
Nagano: One of the kindest people around. Soft-hearted, a man with great passion & talent for food! A superhero, a sweetheart :) great V6 mama. I like to see the happiness and contentment on his face when he enjoys good food :D
Inohara: Very cheerful, optimistic person. One with a mega-kilo-watt smile. Has great personality & charisma, bubbly & outgoing. Young at heart & yet so wise. Very committed & very capable, & I'm very happy we're both born in dragon years :D and I like listening to Inocchi talk, he brings a very bright and happy aura to the whole environment :D
Morita: My first impression of Go-kun wasn't a very good one. He gave the impression of the bad boy type. But it was the GeI episode that he & Okada rode on the pony/horseback archery that totally changed my perception of Go-kun. He's in fact a very sweet & soft-hearted person. Has great talent & imagination. But seems like he gets freaked out easily as well, in a funny way. Love his contagious rifle/bullet-like laughter >.<
Miyake: Ah, Kenken...I'd always like to think of him as my older brother. It would be really fun :D One that is forever young, especially at heart. And yet have his own views and principles of life, which I truly respect :D he's just too lovable & adorable!! Would really want to give him a biigg hugg if I see him..XD but then again, I don't wanna scare him >.< plus! I'm very happy to be born under the same starsign as Kenken ^_^♥ and he's really pretty dressed up as a girl :P
Okada: ♥, my one and only >.< Love him to bits. Like his personality very much. He's quiet, matured, yet has a streak of mischief & sexiness that is carefully kept inside ;D I like his great passion for knowledge, and for arts, and his thoughtfulness. I like his oddity and his weirdness of spacing out a lot, which I sometimes do too..and of course, he's just too good looking & irressitable..~♥♥ :P

OTHER INTERESTS: more V6, more Okada, more Kenken, arts, design, travels, musicals, dance

FRIENDING POLICY: V6 fans, anyone friendly :)
I dun have much gifs...at the moment, I shall share these :D


Take a visit ~ 4u_nutkid 



Doubutsu Uranai

Saw this interesting Doubutsu Uranai from felly80  & rachie241282 ...thought it would be fun to have mine here too :)


You are Orange Koala, who tends to give an impression of being too sensitive and nervous.
But you have thorough insight and can work efficiently.
You are cheerful and very forthright.
Your short temper may cause your advantages to diminish.
When the positive side of you comes out, you will try hard to go beyond the person you do not want to loose against.
You are suited to academic and artistic areas, where you can seek your insight.
Your soul never gets old, and you will keep coming up with new ideas.
The occupations you will be good at are those works where you can use your natural sense of creativity.
You may come up with new and innovative idea while relaxing.
This make you suited to jobs concerning plannig events or entertaining.
Areas of arts may also bring good luck.
You are precise with money, and do not spend money easily.
You will save up rather than use it, and although you don't show, you are sensitive with interests between personal relationships.
You don't buy things impulsively.
Socially, you are very open person.
You seem to be very sociable person, but really you are extremely cautious, and will not easily tell your true feelings.
Balancing this kind of your bilateral character will be your task.
You can fall in love many times, but once married, you will take charge of the household, and control it efficiently.

see what it says about our men~ V6 Doubutsu Uranai
try it out for fun~ Doubutsu Uranai



Happy Anniversary!


A great 14 years it has been~!! Filled with much laughter, hard work, bonding, skin-ship, play and brotherhood~!! We love you guys always and cheers to many more years ahead~!!! :D

V6, おめでとう ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ~~!!!


Happy Birthday Mama!

have a good birthday Mama!! ^_^


Happy Birthday Sakamoto-kun~!

Happy Birthday Riida~!! :D


Happy Birthday Ken!!

A birthday wish in advance, as I wouldn't be around (off to London & Paris) till near my birthday, after yours..so...here, I shall wish you good health, happiness & great success all the time~! Stay as cheerful, adorable & lovable as you are Kenken~! ♥♥♥♥♥♥


スピリット PV!!!!!

excited, excited! verrry excited!!! *dance*dance*
I've never really catch up closely with PV releases, thanks to j_linker444  for spreading the excitement~! LOL XD thanks Link-kun for sharing the PV first hand~ ^_^

スピリット PV is OUT!! yayyyyy~~~!!!

and I stole some time (actually a few hours) from packing to be distracted by our V6 darlings~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥  X)

watching them.....and got into the spirit of making gif images~! XD

V6 Spirit #1           

...more V6 spirit ;)Collapse )

ENJOY~!! ^_^♥♥

comments and credits are loved if taking ;D